suntunnel_beforeThe Velux solar tunnel is one of the highest quality solar roof lights available. The SunTunnel light from Velux comes in a variety of styles. The small glass lens on top, focuses the sun’s light down through a highly polished aluminum tube to a diffuser lens that delivers even, white light into any room.

The benefits of solar tunnels, over traditional skylights are many. First, the light is more efficient, providing more illumination, even on less than brilliantly sunny days. Second, the low profile flashing and solar light lens survive the high winds and violent storms of Oklahoma better, with a replaceable top that is simple to remove and install, without reinstalling the whole light.
We here at Caliber Roofing Systems of Oklahoma, a preferred installer of Velux brand Sun Tunnel lights. On the inside, the benefits are even more apparent, with most solar tunnel lights presenting very similar to a flush mount electric light fixture. The diffuser is designed to spread natural light without glare, or “hot spots”.