Most home owners in Oklahoma have heard it before, you need more insulation! If you are not currently residing under an attic with 11 to 13 inches of the stuff, it is true that you could benefit from more, but it isn’t just for the environment, you know? In fact, here are our top four reasons to have your insulation inspected and upgraded, if it needs it. (make it 5 since we already gave you the environment, and don’t say we never gave you anything)

Benefit No. 4 Saves Wear and Tear on Heaters

While heat and air conditioner repairmen would like us to believe that a runningac is a happy ac, we all know that moving parts that move are more likely to break down than those that don’t. By adding an adequate amount of insulation to your home, you make it easier for your climate control systems to maintain a proper temperature, meaning they work at peak performance, require less maintenance, and last longer = win/win, unless you are in the heat and air business, but hey, you need them to come do their annual tune up, so give them a call!

Benefit No. 3 Stay Warmer

All of this talk of consistent temperatures is great when it comes to your machinery, but it has pluses for you too. For one, you can survive the winter in only one pair of socks at a time, instead of the two or three pairs you needed when your home was cold and drafty. This saves, water, socks and wear and tear on the washing machine. Plus, comfortable people are happy people, so consider insulation an investment in home harmony. (and whose family couldn’t use a little help, right?)

Benefit No. 2 Noise Reduction

If you live in town, this will mean more to you. While it may not completely eradicate noise, proper insulation helps to reduce outdoor noise pollution, indoors. This is especially helpful if you live near train tracks, or have especially boisterous neighbors. It also helps to muffle the sound of your heat and air system, on the rare occasions it does need to kick in to keep your home perfectly climate controlled, making your home just that much cozier!

Benefit No. 1 Save Money

This is our favorite benefit in what we do. We make people money. Energy consumption is one of the biggest expenses in home ownership, and proper insulation, including energy efficient doors and windows can save you a bundle! Sealing up areas that allow heat in during Summer, and allow it to escape in Winter = big savings. In fact, it can save you so much in most cases, that in two to three years, the cut in cost will pay for the insulation, and start putting money back in your pocket!